Endorsed by the Hinkley supply chain & supported by Hinkley Point C.

Hinkley Point C -
An Introduction

The United Kingdom is at the beginning of a new phase of new nuclear energy. Hinkley Point C (HPC) is the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK in a generation. Thousands of contractors will be hired during the construction of HPC, either direct or through primary tier 1 contractors.

Hinkley Point C is more than just the construction of a power station, it is a catalyst for meeting the government’s ambition for low carbon energy along with improving skills and productivity. A stated aim is to create 1000 apprenticeship and 25,000 job opportunities throughout the construction of HPC. Further new nuclear power stations are planned, providing future opportunities for those businesses engaged with HPC.

For HPC, a focus is on using regional businesses in the supply chain, where possible. To date over £1.7bn has been spent with regional companies. Relatively few companies in the South West and South Wales can deliver contracts of the required scale and there is opportunity for joint ventures and consortia being formed, including Somerset Passenger Solutions, Somerset Larder and HOST being founded and successfully winning long term contracts.

What is the Hinkley Professional Services Group (PSG)?

Hinkley PSG was formed in 2017 and is a collection of businesses that have either direct experience of advising businesses or consortia already involved in the Hinkley Point C project or relevant transferable experience.

The overriding principle is that members of Hinkley PSG are collaborative, bring valued experience becoming trusted advisors to their clients. All Hinkley PSG group members are committed to share best practice, through case studies, videos, workshops, and information sheets. Initial free consultations are available and to be an ambassador for new nuclear energy projects. Members who have been carefully chosen and include law firms, accountancy practices, finance companies, finance brokers, human resource, and project management specialists, along with selected collaborators. All can provide advice as businesses go through various stages of contracts including tender preparation, NEC3 and other contract negotiation, mobilisation, and contract delivery. The Hinkley PSG is endorsed by the Hinkley Supply Chain and supported by Hinkley Point C.