CF Associates



C Featherstone Associates Limited T/A CF Associates

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PSG Member Instructed:

CF Associates

Service Provided:

Quantity Surveying; Project Controls; Contract advice; Claims; Compensation Events; Delay Analysis; BIM analysis. Dispute avoidance. Expert Witness. Dispute Resolution.

Company Involvement in HPC

  1. Advice and analysis provided to a Tier 1 Contractor on presentation of Delay events as part of the Compensation Events process.
  2. Advice to other potential suppliers / sub-contractors on utilisation of NEC3 and procedures.

C.F Associates's Role

Review the delay analysis submitted / proposed. Review overall causes of delay. Prepare prospective impacted windows analysis. Investigate other concurrencies and advise on risks and opportunities. Compensation Events had been raised by the T1 Commercial Team but CF Assoc asked to review the delay analysis and analysis and report to be used to prepare resubmission documents –better particulars as requested.

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Colin Featherstone




Telephone Number

01803 690275