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Human Resources, Legal

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Visa application services

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Select Visa Services (SVS), which is based in Clifton, Bristol, has found its services even more in demand post-Brexit as it helps Hinkley Point C’s contractors obtain the correct working visas to be able to work on the ground-breaking project.

Post-Brexit, all non-British and non-settled workers need to have approved UK visas to work in the UK.

Companies and projects all over the UK have been looking to add UK immigration help to their HR and legal departments to support staff. Select Visa Services offer this service to all UK-based companies. Over 35,000 UK based companies have already applied.

At HPC, SVS has been helping managers, employees and family members obtain UK visas to take up jobs on the project. And it can be an extremely complex process.

Chris Braine, Managing Director of SVS, said: “We work with a number of companies local and nationally to help staff post-Brexit. We have also worked with a number of universities, Government departments, including local MP offices and are recommended on the UK Government website for companies to call for post-Brexit and immigration law support.

“SVS Global offers support for previously unmapped immigration processes across the E.U for all UK based businesses, while SVS recruitment helps companies recruit once they hold the UK sponsor licence. We can help with the full process.”

He said SVS had a very strong social media and online presence and had launched a new website earlier this year.

Free consultation can be done face-to-face or by telephone. SVS can be found in the Clifton Arcade, in Clifton and more information is available online at or by emailing Chris at

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