Outsourcing accounts for better decision-making



1st Scaffolding (UK) Ltd

Company Type:

Scaffolding services provider

PSG Member Instructed:

Wessex Commercial Solutions Limited

Service Provided:

Outsourced accountancy services

Company Involvement in HPC

1st Scaffolding provide services to a range of Tier 1 and 2 clients. They provide scaffolding and access solutions for construction and civil engineering projects.

Wessex Commercial Solutions Ltd's Role

What happens when business owners meet entrepreneurial accountants who provide the right information required to make better decisions?

1st Scaffolding (UK) Limited previously employed an in-house accountant, and what became dated and somewhat tired accounting software. When their in-house accountant’s time with the company came to an end, they saw an opportunity to outsource. The benefits were obvious:

  • lower cost than employing an in-house management accountant
  • access to a pool of specialists with expertise in bookkeeping, payroll, management accounting, year end / tax, software integration and business strategy
  • continuous support
  • modern, up-to-date cloud-based accounting software

The team at Wessex worked with 1st Scaffolding on their strategic goals. Using up-to-date accounting and monitoring systems, they deliver regular project costings, identifying how each job is performing. The team at 1st Scaffolding use this information to ensure they manage jobs within expectations, avoiding any month-end surprises. It also informs their pricing of future work.

“We’ve found working with Wessex and Xero extremely useful as we expand our portfolio of major projects. Our accounts are clearer and easier to manage, and we understand exactly how each project is performing. Crucially, we’ve freed up time and resources, which allows us to focus on improving our products and performance, and ensuring our clients receive the highest standards of service.”

Joe Fitzpatrick of 1st Scaffolding

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Graham Potts




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01935 385929