14 Nuclear Acronyms

Photo of blocks spelling IDK alongside information about Nuclear Acronyms

The Nuclear Industry has always been one of the worst industries for using acronyms. Here are just some of the most useful Nuclear Acronyms to know if you are planning on being involved in the HPC (Hinkley Point C!) Project: ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable: ALARP is the process by which radiological impacts to […]

5 great reasons to consider outsourcing accounts as a supplier at HPC

Photo showing businessman looking at tablet - outsourcing accounts provides better visibility of your business performance

New to outsourcing accounts? We look at the pros … and cons! When we talk about outsourcing, we often think of large corporations and public bodies, perhaps deciding to ‘outsource’ facilities management or IT. Why would we recommend this as a model of outsourcing accounts for businesses in Somerset, Devon and the wider South West, […]