Is new nuclear needed?

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When all the elements of security, supply, sustainability, safety and socio-economic are taken into consideration the argument of whether nuclear is needed shifts to: “how quickly can these new facilities be built?” (instead of, “should they be built?”). I look forward to the continued revival of new nuclear energy in the coming years.

Vesting Certificates: What do they do and why are they needed?

One of the main components of the largest steam turbine

Zoe Stollard, Construction Partner at Browne Jacobson, discusses about Vesting Certificates and their purpose in the Construction Industry. Vesting Certificates seem to be becoming more and more popular as the construction industry evolves. We often see them on modular builds and energy & infrastructure projects. Typically, these projects have long lead times and involve high-value […]

Delay Analysis: What Is it? And What Do You Need to Know?

Founder of Chronos Consult, Tim Marlow specialises in delay analysis and has compiled reports on delay as an expert witness. Over the course of his career, Tim has been involved in  the preparation and critical path analysis of construction programmes, resource scheduling on construction projects throughout the UK and internationally. In this article, he discuss […]

British Energy Security Strategy Published

the British Energy Security Strategy is another positive step in the direction of achieving net zero, rejuvenating the economy and providing long-term energy security.

The Importance of Contemporary Records in Contractual Claims


Martyn Forse, Director at QSI Consultancy Group, discusses one of the most recurring issues with contractual claims in the construction industry. He elected to write on the difficulty Contractors often have in producing accurate and succinct contemporary records to support their claims (typically for time and money).  Such records may include; site diaries, minutes of […]