hgkc enable business owners to realise their goals, whether they are focused on growth, planning their exit or seeking leadership support. Our distinctive approach and team of specialists are sensitive and skilled in supporting each client on their specific path.

We have a special focus on people. Modern leadership is having the influence to inspire others to achieve their objectives, understanding the best ways to communicate, and creating a work environment of safety, courage and vulnerability. Psychological safety means feeling safe to take risks, make mistakes, speak up, disagree openly, and voice concerns. We support business owners in establishing an environment of psychological safety so that they and their people feel encouraged to share creative ideas, provide open and honest feedback, and admit mistakes.

The majority of exits that fail to deliver on their promise, do so because there has been no thought given to the people. hgkc help an owner prepare themselves and their people for their exit, whether new ownership is coming on board or whether the management team are buying the business. We then support our clients through their journey with the legal and financial firms instructed to structure and complete the transaction.

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