Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank has been supporting UK business for over 250 years. As one of the UK and Region’s leading banks we have strong links to the Hinkley Point C Supply Chain at all levels.

Our size and national coverage allow us to use the experiences of supporting other large Infrastructure projects such as the London Olympics where we were successful in helping many of our clients take advantage of such a project.

We use our collective experience to support clients in many ways ranging from helping them to fund the project to connecting them with key professional partners through the Professional Services Group. We have developed specific tools such as our ‘Working Capital Tool’ that allows our experienced managers to model the impacts of winning a contract and what effect this has on a business’s finances. We also help clients rank their own efficiency, helping them to improve their cash position ahead of taking advantage of an HPC opportunity.

We have used HPC to evolve and adapt our own business engaging at many levels to help us develop the appropriate support. The project has encouraged new ways of working ranging from collaboration, to the creation of consortium and building sustainable legacies. Lloyds Bank will continue to be ‘By the Side of Business’ throughout and to demonstrate our commitment we launched a £100m fund that SME’s can access to support their own growth plans linked to HPC. The fund offers ‘Arrangement Fee Free’ lending subject to our usual underwriting processes.

We would be delighted to discuss your businesses plans and how we may help you further develop these through the HPC opportunity.

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