Hinkley Professional Services Group – who are we?

Who are we?

Hinkley PSG is a group of trusted advisers who provide professional advice and support across a range of specialisms in the nuclear sector.  Our members cover accounting and finance, business, human resources, legal advice and project management, and bring with them a wealth of experience advising businesses in the projects/nuclear arena. 

What do we do at Hinkley Professional Services Group?

At Hinkley PSG we help businesses working in, or entering, the nuclear supply chain. We aim to share our experience, knowledge and best practice as ambassadors for new nuclear energy projects. 

Our hand-picked members generate a flow of interesting and up-to-date content for articles, case studies and information sheets. We also run seminars and events combining networking with know-how. We can offer rounded advice to businesses through each stage of tender submission, contract negotiation, mobilisation and contract delivery. 

Zoe Stollard, Chair of the Hinkley PSG said: “We are building up a robust network of ‘nuclear savvy’ professionals who can learn from each other’s experiences, as well as pass on ‘lessons learnt’ to other businesses working, or aspiring to work, in the Hinkley Supply Chain.”

Hinkley PSG is supported by the Hinkley Supply Chain and Hinkley Point C. We also have close affiliate relationships with other relevant groups/bodies with similar interests and values.    

To learn more about Hinkley PSG view our website here, follow us on LinkedIn here, or contact us here

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